Why Should You Carefully Read The Car Insurance Contract?

When it comes to auto insurance, one thing is always certain: information means power, and in this case it means the power to make right decisions which will benefit you economically. Having a motor vehicle means that you need to take care of it, and besides all the basic maintenance costs, there is the need to have coverage should it get damaged. But whatever type of coverage you might need, it is crucial that you read the car insurance contract. The best coverage options are available when using free car insurance quotes.

car-insurance-policyAuto insurance policies have a section named “Declarations,” which can cover a single page, or more pages. And while a car insurance policy constitutes a collection of preprinted contract forms, the Declarations are written specially for you and your specific policy contract. The Declarations are meant to specify with precision the item or items that are insured, the period of time and the amount of coverage. These will also enable you to know which of the preprinted insurance contract forms apply to your policy. The top quarter of the page is given over to identification of who is the Named Insured on the policy, where they live, where the mail gets sent to and where the insured car is garaged.

The following section describes the vehicle(s) you want coverage for. In a similar manner to the first section, the information displayed here will include a complete description of the vehicle and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).  You should make sure that you understand that the listed Named Insured has special rights under the policy. This person has full rights and is completely protected under all provisions of the car insurance policy. Someone who is simply a driver listed on the policy will not have the same benefits.

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