When You Should Not File A Car Insurance Claim

For us, it makes common sense to file a car insurance claim after every incident. But you should remember that there are degrees of fault and degrees of severity for each incident. Involving your carrier in minor situations may make things worse and more expensive. Find out when you should not file a car insurance claim and why. Also, check our website if you want to get a quote for car insurance, for free.

The first scenario is when nobody is injured and there is no need for medical treatment. A collision at very low speed between too car is less likely to cause any injury. If you just bump on the read end of a car and nobody was injured, things should not be that tragic.

Of course, there is always the sustained property damage that must be taken into consideration. If some parts were damaged and the paint also suffered some alterations, you should do some math. Consider the value of repairing or replacing the parts with original manufacturer ones. The cost is dictated by the value of the car. If you drive a new or an expensive car, then you should file a claim.

But if your car just suffered very minor dents and scratches, you should think twice before making a claim. Why? Because making claims makes insurance cost more expensive upon next renewal. Even making multiple claims for small issues will make the company consider you prone for accident and charge you as a high-risk driver.

If the repair costs are way less than your deductible, maybe is not that wise to make a claim.

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