What Is Non Standard Car Insurance

Non-standard auto insurance refers to the insurance sold to drivers whose risk factors makes it difficult or impossible to obtain insurance at standard or preferred rates. Some companies work only in the non-standard auto insurance business, while others file rates that are divided into non-standard, standard and preferred tiers. Find out more about this type of insurance and get online quotes for auto insurance before signing a contract.

There are several reasons you may need non-standard car insurance:

  • online quotes for auto insuranceBeing labeled as high-risk driver: You may be labeled a high-risk driver by insurance companies due to multiple accidents, violations, claims, or any combination of them.
  • SR-22: If you need to carry an SR-22 to claim financial responsibility, it’s likely because you had a conviction, such as a DUI or reckless driving. Most insurers will file the form with the state to prove you have coverage. You’ll have to pay a one-time filing fee, typically about $35, on top of the premium.
  • Non-owner car insurance: If you want to insure yourself as a driver without owning a car, you need non-owner car insurance. Insurance companies generally charge less for a non-owner policy

The first places to search for non-standard car insurance will be the big insurers. If you think that large and prestigious insurance companies would be reluctant to insure you, you’d be wrong. Sure, you’ll pay more than a low-risk driver, but big companies have the resources and will to craft insurance policies that would work for you. Check if they have non-standard programs or work with subsidiaries which offer this type of coverage.

Also, there are dozens of small insurers designed just for high-risk drivers, also known as non-standard insurance carriers, and they are worth checking out.

You should always get quotes and make some calls before getting high-risk coverage It’s always wise to compare car insurance companies, even if you’re shopping for non-standard car insurance.

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