How Fast Can You Have Car Insurance Quotes

Read our blog and find out how fast you can have car insurance quotes.

  1. # online auto insuranceGetting quotes directly from car insurance agents. Frankly, this is the most outdated, old-fashioned way to get quotes. But some people prefer the direct, face-to-face contact with another human when asking for quotes. If you like this method more than the other, you should also know that it is the most time consuming one.  It usually takes hours to arrive to a company, ask for quote and eventually get one. It’s a tedious process.  And if you want to get sufficient quotes, it can span through several days, because you will need to visit many agents and talk with them.
  2. Getting quotes on the phone. It is still a form of direct contact with agents, but it is far less time consuming. Still, you can be put on hold until an agent finally reaches to talk with you.  Even after he agrees to talk and give you quotes, the process will still be time consuming. Getting a quote via phone takes several minutes. Again, you must talk with multiple agents in order to have a clear view and get sufficient quotes for a good comparison. In total, it may take several hours.
  3. Getting online quotes. This is by far the quickest method to get and compare quotes and nobody can deny it. Instead of spending days or hours, you can only spend several minutes for getting sufficient quotes. Even more, you can get a sufficient number of quotes just by accessing a specialized auto insurance website. For example, brokerage websites provide quotes coming from multiple insurers. Thus, you will be able to efficiently compare quotes in just several minutes.  Clearly, this is the best way to get car insurance quotes and put them to good use.

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