Handling Car Insurance After a DUI

Being drunk and driving is something really stupid. If you get caught by police officers, you should feel lucky that it only happened that. The number of fatalities caused by DUI is huge. There is life after a DUI conviction and you will not have to endure dire consequences, especially if it was your first conviction. But be sure that your insurance provider will be informed and things will change. Find out how to handle car insurance after DUI and get online car insurance quotes from us. Try some quotes where you select as being convicted for DUI and check the prices.

The first things we should list are the consequences of a DUI conviction. Here they are:

  • Penalties: You’ll be subject to the drunk driving penalties in your state. These can include suspension of your driver’s license, vehicle impoundment, fines, jail time, community service or a requirement to attend alcohol-abuse treatment.
  • DMV surcharge: Some states make you pay a surcharge to keep your driver’s license if you have accumulated enough points for traffic violations
  • Interlock device: When you get your license back, your state may require you to use an ignition interlock device. This is a breathalyzer you must blow into in order to start the vehicle.
  • SR-22: Your state may require you to get an SR-22 from your insurer, which is a form that proves you have car insurance. Not all car insurance companies offer SR-22s.
  • Dropped by insurer or rate increase: Your car insurance company might drop you at renewal time. If they don’t drop you, expect to see a rate increase.

The last point on the list can be the most expensive to handle. If a standard carrier drops you, it is likely to be dropped by all standard carriers.

But there are options for car insurance. Look for non-standard carriers, for high-risk drivers. These are usually subsidiaries of bigger carriers, or local, smaller insurance companies. The worst case scenario is to use your state’s insurance programs. If you’re denied car insurance due to your driving record, you can buy auto insurance from the assigned-risk pool.

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