Auto Insurance And Non-Crash Injuries

Did you know that annually, hundreds of thousands of Americans arrive to hospitals due injuries caused by cars, but not related to crashes. Although it may sound funny and worth telling your friends as a joke, but being hit in the head by your car’s trunk is no something really amusing. It may be really painful and quite expensive to treat. So, in order to financially recover from the incident, you will need to file a claim. But does auto insurance cover non-crash injuries? Find out and get online auto quotes from our website!

If a vehicle led to the injury, even if it’s not involved in a crash, car insurance will often pay for the treatment. Unfortunately, many injured people may not think about because their first thought is likely to go to their health care provider. Many non-crash injuries are covered if your auto insurance policy has personal injury protection (PIP) or medical payments (MedPay) coverage.

PIP covers bodily injuries from the ownership, maintenance or use of a vehicle. MedPay typically covers injuries that happen while someone is in the vehicle, including entering and exiting it. Furthermore, your state may have certain rules regarding these policies. Make sure to contact your insurance agent and ask about this scenario and coverage options.

Keep in mind that in some states, PIP and MedPay are optional coverage, while in other, they are required by law. Also, there are some issues regarding the use of car insurance for non-crash injuries.  Your car insurance company can require its coverage to be primary or secondary to health coverage. That may determine additional costs.  The good news is that MedPay does not require a deductible. Some non-crash injuries may be dismissed by insurer when making a claim. For example, many carriers will treat overexertion as self-inflicted injury and will not cover it.

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