Why Is Not Recommended To Make A Claim After Minor Accidents

Not all accidents end up with significant damages and need a lot of money for repairs or replacing some parts.   Minor fender benders usually result is several scratches and some parts bent a bit.  From a policyholder’s point of view, the costs to repair are low and it is not worth making a claim.  But first, check the contract carefully and find out when and why is not recommended to make a claim after a minor accident. And if you want to compare prices, you should get online insurance quotes auto for free, using our quote submit form.

In a low-speed fender bender, usually no body is hurt. And that’s the most important aspect.  Making your car insurance company pay for medical costs will most certainly make your premiums higher (unless you have an accident forgiveness program active). Even if a minor accident happens, you still need to report it to authorities and your car insurance provider. Reporting an accident does not mean making a claim.

However, there are many cases when settling the case amiably, without involving the insurers will be more beneficial. For example, someone hit your rear mirror. After some talks, he pays you the money to replace it. See, there is no need to fill in extensive forms and documents. You just write a check or get a check or cash money and the problem is solved.

Even if you do not make a claim, reporting a fender bender will likely get you an inquiry.  And even an inquiry can increase your insurance costs.  All inquiries are kept in your records for a specified amount of time. And a record that shows many inquiries in the recent years indicates a risky pattern and could result in a rate increase or even cancellation.

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