When To Make A Car Insurance Claim

After an accident, you must work with the authorities and establish guilt. Furthermore, the accident must be reported to the insurance company. Failing to do so will result in drastic penalties and the possibility of being dropped by the current car insurance provider.  If you want to financially recover from the accident, make sure you are covered then file a claim. Filling a claim involves asking the insurance company to assume financial responsibility and provide reimbursement. Read the following blog to find out when to make a car insurance claim. And if you are shopping online, get free online auto insurance quotes from us!

Depending on your coverage and accident, filing a claim could mean paying for your car repairs, and paying your medical bills. It could also mean that the other driver files a third-party claim with your insurer, asking the company to cover his or her own losses occurred during the accident.

You should file a car insurance claim when you cause an accident.  If you’re at fault, and you hit another person or vehicle, that person has the right to make a liability claim against you and he could also sue you. With insurance, you’re entitled to a legal defense and coverage of a judgment against you up to a certain amount.  If you do not notify the insurer and the other person sues you, the insurer can even deny your claim.

Also, make sure to file a claim if your car is damaged in other ways than an accident. For example, the car is damaged due to a falling three or an avalanche. If you have comprehensive coverage, now is the time to make a claim.  Make sure to file a claim if your vehicle is stolen or vandalized.

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