What To Ask Car Insurance Agents Before Buying A Policy

Find out what to ask car insurance agents before buying a policy and get auto insurance online quotes from our website.

  1. What type of coverage do I need? Each state has its own requirements, but in most states auto liability insurance coverageĀ is mandatory. This can be divided into two different types: bodily injury liability (BI), and property damage liability (PD). Ask the agent about the minimum requirements for your state and what other policies are requested.
  2. What is my risk classification? Risk assessment by auto insurance companies is based on a number of factors, such as age, sex, occupation, where you live and how long you’ve been driving for. Give relevant info to the agent and ask him to provide a short risk profile.
  3. What will the policies cover? Ask about various types of insurance coverage and make sure to understand what each covers. You will have to ask about collision, comprehensive, PIP or commercial coverage.
  4. Ask about deductible levels. Modifying the deductible levels is under your control and it is a good way to keep premiums under control. Ask the agent about how high your deductibles should be.
  5. Ask about bundling plans. Bundling two policies or more policies or two or more vehicles can be very beneficial to you. You can get rid of a lot of hassle and save a lot of money.
  6. Ask about paying systems. Find out how often you can pay the premiums. Furthermore, ask if you can get a discount if you pay the premiums for one year in advance.
  7. Ask about all other discounts. Ask the agent to provide a list with all the discounts granted by the company and how to get them.
  8. Ask about exclusion. Make sure you understand the exclusions for each car insurance type.

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