What Is Accident Forgiveness And How To Obtain It

It is almost impossible not to stumble upon TV or radio commercials in which insurance companies talk about “accident forgiveness” benefits. No matter how odd it may sound, this service is totally legit and it is requested by more and more drivers.  As a result, auto insurance companies are willing to provide it.  Find out more about what accident forgiveness it and how to obtain it. Furthermore, if you want to venture online and check some rates and services, you should get quotes for cheap auto insurance online. Visit our website for free quotes!

All insurance companies know that each driver wants to save as much as possible on car insurance. And accident forgiveness is one of those methods that can quickly keep costs under control during a crash scenario.

Accident forgiveness is a service included in the auto insurance policy and it protects the policyholder from paying high premiums increases after an accident he was found guilty for. But you should keep in mind that not at-fault accidents are forgiven. Accident forgiveness applies only to the first at-fault accident and only if the you got a clean driving record, otherwise than the accident.

The way in which you get access to this service varies from company to company: Some insurance companies will provide you accident forgiveness immediately, while others will only do so after you’ve been an accident-free policyholder for as many as five years. They also may require no moving violations for three years.  This is why you should check the terms and conditions for each policy before signing any deal.  Talk with your insurance agent about this top and see which the requirements for your company are. Even if you do not qualify for this feature, do not keep a grudge. There are many other discounts and services you can get to keep the costs low.

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