Tips For Insuring Classic Cars

Insuring a classic car is a bit more complicated, since we are dealing with a special vehicle. However, there are some things to take into consideration, things that will make your search for the best coverage much easier. Check the following tips for insuring classic cars and get a free online auto insurance quote from our website.

  1. Look for specialized carriers. It may be more time-consuming, but it can be important to shop around for an insurance provider that has a preference for classic cars. Also, look for an independent firm rather than one of the large companies available through the Internet. The independent firms will be more willing to get to know you and can provide a better idea of what coverage will be needed. It can be even better to try to find someone who has the same passion for collectible cars and talk about his coverage.
  2. Look for companies that offer to help you with damaged parts. Getting the parts for a classic car requires more work and can be more expensive. Some insurance companies may offer a service to help locate parts that are damaged. Inquire the provider to see how it will assist with certain repairs that may be needed.
  3. Look for restoration coverage. If you just bought the car, it may not yet be in the condition you prefer. If more restoration is needed, then check with the insurance provider to see if this process will also be covered.
  4. Check the limitations imposed by each carrier.  Carefully check over the policy to make sure you understand what is expected for your part. Some polices may put a limit on the number of miles the vehicle can be driven in a given time period, or they may only cover it during a particular time of the year. How the car will be stored may also have an effect on the price of the policy. Any damage sustained by the vehicle outside of these parameters will not be covered.

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